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The following County Durham Schools have been learning about climate change, and what they can do to combat it.

Cleves Cross Primary School

Children from Cleves Cross Primary School found the science behind climate change fascinating and are keep to try to save our planet as best they can. They created green screen films which covered the topics of; Habitat Loss, Hurricanes, Melting Ice and Wildfires. These videos have been shown to the school and the children’s parents and were very well received by all.

Crook Primary School

Pupils in Class 6O benefited from OASES’ Climate Change sessions, as the second school in the pilot. They were the first group to try the fantastic ‘Ice Flows’ game, which uses models from real-life glaciers to show how an increase in temperature and decreases in precipitation affects glaciers. The app was very well received with many of the children downloading it for themselves at home. This prompted a couple of groups to cover melting ice in their green screen videos. The other topics covered included: Coral bleaching; wildfires and hurricanes. They delivered an informative assembly to the rest of KS2 and their parents.

Cockfield Primary School

Cockfield Primary School have been passionately working towards combatting climate change after their sessions with OASES. They learned about the problems that our planet is facing and chose to make green screen films about the following issues: Rising Sea Levels, Hurricanes, Wildfires, Coral Bleaching, Droughts and Flooding. They showcased the films to the school and their parents, who are going to help to slow down the effects of climate change.

Esh Winning Primary School

Year 5 pupils at Esh Winning Primary School were involved in the first set of pilot sessions for the project. They learned all about the science behind climate change, had the chance to do their own research and then created a script, which they then acted out.  They used special effects and backgrounds to make videos about some of the consequences of climate change, such as: melting ice, the plight of the polar bears, coral beaching, sea level rise and wildfires. Pupils had an extra challenge when creating their videos as their school uniform matched the colour of the green screen, meaning they had to work in front of a blue screen instead. However, they were successfully put together and showcased at a whole school assembly.

Ribbon Academy

Miss Duke’s Year 6 class enjoyed learning about climate change and had an interesting debate on whether climate change was real after researching different opinions on the matter. Many children confessed to finding it difficult to debate the climate change was not happening when they themselves thought it was. Whilst the ‘denying’ team put up a plausible case, the debate was won by the team who thought climate change was real and wanted to do something about it. Their green screen videos reflected the outcome of the debate. They created and edited videos on the following topics: Sea Level Rise; Paradise wildfires; Walking to School; Flooding and Coral Bleaching.

Timothy Hackworth Primary School

OASES worked with Mrs Churchill’s Year 5 class to educate children on the threats we face from Climate Change. They took on their own research to find out more information about the science behind climate change and how climate change could affect them in the future. They were alarmed to see how much of Britain would be under water if all of the ice melted. In their groups, they then made green screen films on the following topics: melting ice, coral bleaching, wildfires, flooding and how higher temperatures are affecting our polar bears.