• Picture of a power station with pollution coming out of the chimney



Deforestation is a fancy word for chopping down or burning lots of trees in a forest. Trees are essential for life on Earth!

Trees take in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and let out oxygen. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they also help to remove some of the gases that cars, aeroplanes and factories have released.

Unfortunately, trees are being cut down and burned to make way for farmland, to make paper and wood products and to burn as fuel. Occasionally, deforestation happens by mistake when forest fires burn down areas of forest. Forest fires can be caused by lightning, by old BBQs and cigarettes, or areas of forest can be burned to clear areas for farmland, and the fire gets out of hand and spreads.

You can make a difference by ensuring that you and your family only buy sustainable wood and paper products. Look out for the FSC label on the packaging to make sure that your item has been made from well-managed forests, or has been recycled.