• Picture of a power station with pollution coming out of the chimney



In order to make enough food to feed everyone on earth, forests have to be cut down in order to create fields to grow food and to raise livestock. This means that there are fewer trees removing the carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, which will mean that climate change will get worse.

Most of the food bought from our supermarkets was not grown in the UK. For example, rice might have been grown in India and shipped over 10,000km across to the UK in cargo ships to be packaged and sold. 9 in every 10 cargo ships are fueled by oil, one of the three fossil fuels which puts carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Even food which had been grown in the UK has travelled to get to our supermarkets. For example, a margarita pizza is made from dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil. The flour from the dough might have been made in a mill in Fife, Scotland, the mozzarella cheese made in Cheshire, England and the basil grown in a greenhouse in West Sussex, England. These ingredients are then transported by lorry to a manufacturer in West London, England and the margarita pizza is made, frozen and driven to supermarkets across the country.

You can make a difference by eating food that has been grown locally, or by growing your own fruit and vegetables in a garden, allotment, or even a window box. Local farmer’s markets are a good way to find local food, as well as checking labels on supermarket food, and choosing the item that has travelled the least to get to the shop.