• A picture of an island partially flooded by sea level rise

    Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise is being caused by two things. Firstly, as the earth warms up, the ice in the polar regions is melting, and the meltwater is increasing the amount of water in our oceans, causing the sea level to rise.

As well as this, water expands and takes up more space as it warms up. Since climate change is making the whole earth warm-up, the oceans are warming up too. The water is expanding which is making the sea levels rise across the whole world.

If the planet warms by two degrees Celsius over preindustrial times, 32 million to 80 million people living on the coast could be flooded.

Most major cities are in low lying coastal areas. They will be flooded when sea levels rise more than 2 meters. If all the ice in the world melted, sea levels would rise by 65m and Great Britain would look like this:

Would your house stay dry?