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1. Storm Dennis | 2. Storm Ciara | 3. Australian Bushfires | 4. Jakarta Floods | 5. Cyclone Amphan | 6. Uttarakhand Forest Fire | 7. Assan Floods | 8. Slovenia Records the Coldest April Temperature in History |

How to Log Unusual Weather?

Have you noticed any extreme or unusual weather where you are?

Let us know by emailing us at info@oasesnortheast.org.uk and we will add it to the website.

Below is a series of posts outlining extreme and unusual weather events that have happened globally over the last few years.

Slovenia Records the Coldest April Temperature in History

On 7th April 2021, Slovenia recorded the coldest April temperature since records began. A weather station at Novi Vasi na Blokah reached freezing overnight temperatures of -20.6°C. This is even more surprising because 7 days earlier they recorded their hottest-ever March day. On the 31st March 2021, Ljubljana in Slovenia… >

Assam Floods

In May 2020, Assam in India suffered from floods caused by heavy monsoon rains. The Brahmaputra river overflowed, flooding the area and destroying crops. 150,000 people were evacuated to relief camps and 149 people sadly lost their lives. In recent years, Assam has seen less rainfall overall. However, they have… >

Uttarakhand Forest Fire

In May, a forest fire that lasted for days caused Uttarakhand, India to burn. What may have started as a small fire has burned 10,000 square meters of Himalayan forest. Sadly, this caused two deaths. Wildfires are getting worse because climate change is causing longer, hotter summers.

Cyclone Amphan

Cyclone Amphan hit Bangladesh and East India in May 2020. With wind speeds reaching 260 kilometres per hour, it caused a lot of damage. The damage cost the equivalent of nearly £10 billion which makes this the more expensive than most cyclones to hit this area. Locals lost their houses… >

Jakarta Floods

  Early in the morning on 1st January 2020, heavy overnight rain made the Ciliwung and Cisadane rivers overflow. They flooded the cities of Jakarta and Java, both in Indonesia. Some of Jakarta is below sea level, so when the water level rose as high as 4 meters, the city… >

Storm Dennis

Storm Dennis battered the UK in February 2020. Some areas saw more than a month’s worth of rain in two days. This means that 16 areas of the UK have been impacted by flooding. Floods are getting more common in the UK because of climate change.

Storm Ciara

In February 2020, Storm Ciara brought gusts of wind as fast as 90mph to Britain and mainland Europe. This brought chaos to the UK. As a result, 118,000 people were either flooded or left without power. On top of this, trains were delayed and schools were closed. Climate change is… >

Australian Wildfires

Australia has yet again suffered from wildfires. In 2019, temperatures in Australia were higher than they have ever been because of climate change. This means that Australia was very dry. When a fire starts on very dry land, it spreads quickly. Because of this, when a wildfire started in Australia,… >