• Young person at a climate change strike holdingup a sign that reads

    C4CC? Climate Change Quiz

Are your actions as eco friendly as you think?

Take the quiz to find out!

Question 1

If you want a drink of water, do you grab?

a. Your own reusable cup or bottle

b. A plastic cup from a water cooler

c. Bottled water from the shop

cartoon food- pizza, burger, banana and tomato

Question 2

What do you eat?

a. I eat everything, including meat, dairy and vegetables

b. I am a vegetarian, so I only eat dairy and vegetables

c. I am a vegan, so I do not eat meat or dairy

cartoon rocket

Question 3

How often do you buy new toys/games?

a. Just birthdays and special occasions

b. Every Month

c. Every Week

Three Arrows recycling logo

Question 4

What do you do with your rubbish?

a. I compost what I can and recycle the rest

b. I put most rubbish in the recycling bin

c. I put everything in the dustbin

Cartoon bus, car and bike

Question 5

How do you travel to school?

a. I go in a car, taxi or motorbike

b. I go by public transport such as a bus, train or tram

c. I walk, cycle or scoot to school

cartoon lightbulb

Question 6

What do you switch off when you are the last person to leave a room?

a. Nothing

b. Just the lights

c. Everything, including computers, the TV and the music player

Piece of paper

Question 7

When you need a piece of paper do you?

a. Get an unrecycled piece of paper

b. Use a scrap piece of paper

c. Use a sheet of recycled paper with the FSC logo on the packet

cartoon shower

Question 8

How do you usually wash yourself?

a. A short shower (less than 5 minutes)

b. A bath

c. A long shower (more than 5 minutes)